Thorough Historic Home Inspection and Evaluation

Apart from the restoration and relocation of historic houses and antique furniture, Historic Homes, Inc. also offers comprehensive home inspection in Salisbury, New Hampshire. We conduct evaluation, consultation, and design services that help us determine the structural integrity and reconstruction requirements of your valued property, that include several aspects.

Antique House - Historic Home Inspection


• Architectural Assessment
• Date Determination
• Structural Examination
• Pre-Purchase Inspection
• Chimney Inspection


• Historic Preservation Project Management
• Period Projects
• Project Feasibility and Planning
• Site Inspection for Construction Progress


• Reproduced Period House Plans
• Site Restoration Plans • Relocation, Disassembly, or Rebuild Plans


Remove a barn, a house, or any obstruction on your property with our relocation service. This paves the way for construction of a new structure, roadway, power plant, or subdivision. Among our most notable projects include the restoration and construction of large buildings for the U.S. Postal Service™ and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, putting up 9,000 square-foot homes, re-pointing a 300-year-old chimney, and conducting a pre-purchase home inspection on a 1760 Cape Cod home. Whether the project is large or small, we are happy to assist the following clients:

• Antique Collectors
• Historical Commissions
• Antique Dealers
• Engineers and Architects
• Kitchen Cabinet Companies
• Designers and Contractors
• Real Estate Brokers
• Period and Modern Homeowners
• Retailers and Educated Consumers

Contact us today in Salisbury, New Hampshire, for a pre-purchase historic home inspection
to help determine the value and security of your prized property.